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My Perestroika
Robin Hessman, Red Square Productions, 87', USA, 2010, s.t. English
Its title contains the essence of this film, which explores the major historic swing set off by Perestroika through the personal stories of 5 former classmates.  5 funny, sad, touching and quite different paths.  5 views of the road travelled by an rapidly changing Russia.

Once upon a time proletarian

Xiaolu Guo, Chapter Two Films,  74', China - United Kingdom, 2009, s.t. English
12 poetic, funny and disturbing portraits. Mixing the stories of a farmers' revolt, a hotel owner celebrating his success, and a young hairdresser who hopes to become a famous artist, the film provides a real slice of contemporary China.  A China following contradictory aspirations, and disoriented by the meteoric changes which confront it.

Our Newspaper
Eline Flipse, Taskovski Films, 58', Bosnia, 2010, s.t. English
In Uljanovsk, a tiny isolated village, Andrej Shkolni launched a local paper to compete with national papers which only report on the rich and powerful far away in Moscow. But when he is no longer interested in writing about missing dogs, and begins to investigate subjects such as a lake polluted by a facory, he is quickly threatened.

Out of Thin Air
Shabani Hassanwalia & Samreen Farooqui, Hit and Run Films, 50’, Inde, s.-t anglais
In the mountains of Ladakh in northern India, the population has developed a love for the production of small budget films. The next hub of Indian cinema ?

Pink Saris
Kim Longinotto, 96', India - United Kingdom, 2010, s.t. English
Portrait of Sampat Pal, the Untouchable activist with seemingly unflagging courage. From city to city and town to town, we follow her in her quest to aid men and especially women who suffer this stigma, and gradually discover she is not only strong but also profoundly wounded.

Planète à vendre
(Planet for Sale)

Alexis Marant, ARTE France et Capa Presse TV, 52’, France, 2010, French
The food and financial crisis which have shook the world since 2008 have provoked an intensive race to seize fertile land throughout the world. This film pursues this theme on three continents to better explain this new division of the earth and its consequences for farmers.

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