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Chine, qui a peur de l'usine du monde ?
(China, who's afraid of the factory of the world?)
Alain Lasfargues, BFC Production, 52', France, 2011, French Today,  90 % of the manufactured products worth less than 20 Euros sold in France come from China.  30 years ago, it was less than 2%.  How was this dizzying development possible?  Should we be worried about China's economic power ?

Dharavi - Slum for Sale
Lutz Konermann et Rob Appleby,
Hugofilm Productions, 80', Switzerland-Great Britain, 2010, s.t. English Formerly considered the outskirts of Dehli, the Dharavi slum, the largest in Asia, is today at the heart of this rapidly growing city, and thus tcovetted by all. Several urban development projects are vying for this city quarter, but what will the implications be for its 1 million inhabitants?

Du poison dans nos vêtements
he poison in our clothes)

Inge Altemeier, Altemeier & Hornung Film Produktion, 45', Germany, 2010
French While we are buying our clothes in chic boutiques, are we thinking of the conditions in which they are produced on the other side of the world?  This film investigates factories in China and India which don't pay attention to the toxicity of the products they use, and their impact on the workers and consumers alike. 

Familia Braz - Welcome back
Arthur Fontes et Dorrit Harazim,
Videofilmes, 72’, Brazil, 2011, s.t. EnglishIn 2000, the filmmakers painted a humorous and sensitive portrait of an ordinary Brazilian family, the Braz family.  Now in 2010 they are back on the doorstep and following the footsteps of the same family. Though at the time the family had struggled to survive in this Sao Paulo suburb, today conditions have changed radically. Through this new portrait, the film takes measures of an emerging Brazil.

Cyril Tuschi, Lala Films, 111’, Germany, 2011, English 
A portrait of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former PDG of Yukos (at the time the largest Russian petrol company) today jailed in Siberia. A complex and fascinating personality, this film follows his successive mutations, transforming from a model socialist to the beloved capitalist entrepreneur of the Russian political class and western investors, and today the deposed rival of Vladimir Poutine. With a pointed question: why did Khodorkovsky return to Russia when he knew he would be jailed ?

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