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Since a quarter of a century, the International North South Media Forum (INSMF) has been a space of reflection on the development of the planet and the major challenges of the future. By bringing together the major actors of a given issue and articulating high-level televised roundtables, documentary film competitions, exhibitions and special evenings, it has become an internationally renowned arena for reflection.

Is The World Shifting ?

Since its creation in 1983 the INSMF has witnessed dramatic shifts in the global economic and political geography, in particular the rise to the status of new global powers of states previously classified as belonging to “the South”
. The INSMF has accompanied these major shifts by devoting its 2005 edition to the impact of China and its 2007-8 editions to India’s role as world power. This movement has been further heightened by the 2008 economic crisis and today, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - united since 2008 in the BRICS forum - are redrawing the global political and economic map.

The rise of the BRICS powers is impressive, what are their strengths and limits ? The world is becoming increasingly multipolar, is it for the better or the worse? Will multipolarity entail a more just world? Or will it herald an era of increased international competition and instability? In this world on the move, what role for Europe, Switzerland and UN system? Is the North-South frame of analysis obsolete?

In addressing the theme “ Is The World Shifting ? – The BRICS: Power and Limits”, the INSMF 2011 will explore the above questions during 5 days of great intensity.

In continuity with past editions, the INSMF will bring together the major actors of this issue for high-level televised roundtables, and will further organise a documentary film competition. The public will also be able to visit several exhibitions and attend special evenings dedicated to our theme.

The INSMF 2011 will be organized with the faithful support of the SDC and the members of the INSMF Foundation.


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