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    Room Documentary film screenings
Competition rouge Panorama vert 26 years of INSMF Prize Winners orange
10:00 rouge 2 Le rêve indien
Mathilde Damoisel, 13 Production, 72’, France, 2010, français
11:45 rouge 2 Du poison dans nos vêtements
Inge Altemeier, Altemeier & Hornung Film Produktion , 45’, Allemagne, 2010, français
12:30 rouge 2 Planète à vendre
Alexis Marant, ARTE France et Capa Presse TV, 52’, France, 2010, français
13:00 orange 3 Battle of the Titans
Hans Bülow et Poul Erik Heilbuth, Danmarks Radio TV Byen, 54’, Danemark, 1993, anglais
13:30 rouge 2 Dharavi - Slum for Sale
Lutz Konermann et Rob Appleby, Hugofilm Productions, 80’, Suisse/Germany, 2010, s.-t anglais
14:00 orange 3 A Woman’s Place
Marianne Pletscher, DRS, 58’, Bouthan/Suisse, 1994, anglais
15:00 orange 3 Delta Force
Glenn Ellis, Catma Films, 52’, Grande-Bretagne, 1995, anglais
15:00 rouge 2 When China met Africa
Marc Francis et Nick Francis, Speak-it Films et Zeta Productions, 75’, Grande-Bretagne, 2010, anglais
16:00 orange 3 Les enfants d’abord : le Mexique
Emilio Pacull, France 2, 54’, France, 1996, français
16:30 vert 2 Assassination
Shahid Jamal, Cinemass, 41’, Inde, 2009, s.t. anglais
17:00 orange 3 Africa - The Continent that Overslept
Poul-Erik Heilbuth et Hans Bülow, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, 59’, Danemark, 1997, s.-t. français
17:15 rouge 2 Out of Thin Air
Shabani Hassanwalia & Samreen Farooqui, Hit and Run Films, 50’, Inde, s.-t anglais
18:00 orange 3 The new free-trade zones. Slaves of commerce
Joan Salvat, présenté par Televisiò de Catalunya, 60’, Espagne, 1998, v.o., s.-t. anglais
15.00   1

India – The World’s Office ?
Until recently, India was seen as a poor country, the spokesperson of the Third World.  Today Goldman Sachs predicts it will be the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2025. How has this development been possible?   As India's IT-driven economy coexists with a poor rural India, how can this new prosperity be distributed more evenly?
Moderated by Xavier Colin, Producer of Geopolitis, RTS
Featuring :
Tarun Tejpal, Writer and Journalist, Editor-In-Chief of Tehlka
Mathilde Damoisel, Filmmaker
Gopalan Balachandran, Professor of International History, IHEID
Pavan Dhananka, IT Manager Ram Etwareea, Journalist, Le Temps

16:30   1 The BRICS : a development model for tomorrow? (a DDC conference)
The BRICS were 'poor students' of the politics of development imposed by international economic organizations, amongst others in maintaining an important role for the state. Yet today they have become locomotives for the world economy. Is the development model of the West outdated? Are the BRICS offering an alternative? What are the potentials of “South-South-Norht” cooperation?
Moderated by Michel Beuret, Journalist, RTS
Featuring :
Anton Stadler, Chief analyst et political strategist of the DDC
Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of the Group for the cooperation and economic integration between developing countries, CNUCED
Helmut Reisen, Head of Research, Center for development at OCDE
Hui Wang, Professor of literature at the University of Tsinghua
Serge Théophile Balima, Director of the PanAfrican Institute for the study and research of the media, Ouagadougou
19:00   1

An Evening in Honor of India: testimony, cinema, music

Screening of Pink Saris by Kim Longinotto (96’, Inde/Royaume-Uni, 2010, s.-t anglais), in the presence of the director






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