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    Room Documentary film screenings
Competition rouge Panorama vert 26 years of INSMF Prize Winners orange
10:00 rouge 2 Le monde selon Brasilia
Kakie Roubaud, AGAT Films & Cie et Arte France, 52’, France, 2010, français
11:30 vert 2 3 femmes en colère
Bernard Robert-Charrue, Dev.tv, 46’, Suisse, 2011, français
12:30 vert 2 Des préservatifs dans la forêt vierge
Josef et Lotti Stöckli, 40’, Suisse, 2011, s.-t français
13:00 orange 3 Changing This Country
Media Culture TV Forum et Bureau International du Travail (BIT), 58’, Norvège, 1988, anglais
13:30 vert 2 Une aventure nommée Brésil
Kakie Roubaud, AGAT Films & Cie et Arte France, 52, France, 2010, français
14:00 orange 3 Welcome Home Comrades
Adam Low, BBC Television Elstree, 55’, Grande-Bretagne, 1989, anglais
15:00 orange 3 Lessons of exile
Michel Hoare, Channel 4, 52’, Grande-Bretagne, 1991, français
15:00 vert 2 Steel Wars
David Syz and Georges Böhler, Ecodocs Foundation et George Boehler Production, 58’, Suisse, 2006, français
16:00 rouge 2 Sao Paulo, a city over rivers and streams
Camilo Tavares, Daniel Tendler et José Luiz Jr, Filmes do Equador, 60’, Brésil, 2009, s.-t anglais
16:00 orange 3 Rivers of Sand
Bruno Sorrentino, Central Independent TV, 50’, Grande-Bretagne, 1991, anglais
17:00 orange 3 War By Other Means
David Munro et John Pilger, Central Indepedent TV, 52’, Grande-Bretagne, 1992, anglais
17:30 rouge 2 The Battle for Johannesburg
Rehad Desai, Uhuru Productions, 71’, Afrique du Sud, 2010, anglais
15.00   1 Brazil– The World’s Food Basket ?
While Brazil imported a large part of its food, it has become the third largest agricultural producer world-wide, and the first among the BRICS. But this phenomenal development has also had negative consequences: deforestation, pollution, and over-farming.  How can the agricultural sector become more sustainable, socially and ecologically?  What are the potentials of the Right to food approach for Brazil, and the world?
Moderated by  Philippe Dessaint, TV5 Monde
Featuring :
Jean-Jacques Fontaine, Journalist, Vision du Brésil
Bernard Robert-Charue, Filmmaker and Producer
Kakie Roubaud, Filmmaker
Flavio Valente, Secrétaire général de FIAN International
16:30   1 The BRICS and International Sporting Events
Up until recently, the organization of world-class sporting events has been reserved for western powers.  However all the BRICS countries have either recently organized such a sporting event or they will in the near future : China :  2008 Olympic Games, South Africa : 2010 Football World Cup, India : 2011 Cricket World Cup, Russia : 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Brazil :2014 Football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. What are the economic, social, and political stakes of these mega-events ?
Moderated by Jean-Philippe Rapp, INSMF Director
Featuring :
Gilbert Felli, Directeur exécutif du CIO pour les Jeux Olympiques
Christian Seychal, adjoint Editor-In-Chief, Eurosport
Rehad Desai, Filmmaker and Producer
Pascal Gillon , Master of conferences in Geography, University of Franche-Comté
Jamil Chade, Journaliste, O Estado de San Paulo
19:00   1 An Evening in Honor of Brazil : testimony, cinema, and music

Screening of the film 'Family Braz - Welcome Back',
by Arthur Fontes, Dorrit Harazim, Videofilmes,        72', Brazil, 2011, subtitled in English





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