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    Room Documentary film screenings
Competition rouge Panorama vert 26 years of INSMF Prize Winners orange
10:00 rouge 2 My Perestroika
Robin Hessman, Red Square Productions, 87’, USA, 2010, s.-t anglais
12:00 rouge 2 Our Newspaper
Eline Flipse, Taskovski Films, 58’, Bosnie, 2010, s.-t anglais
13:00 rouge 2 Mister Carbone
Yves Billy, Auteurs Associés, 88’, France, 2010, français
13:00 orange 3 Homme mord chien
Stev van Thielen, VRT, 46’, Belgique, 2000, français
14:00 orange 3 Man and beast – and the market forces
Lena Pettersson, SVT2, 56’, Suède, 2000, anglais
14:30 rouge 2 Rainmakers
Floris-Jan Van Luyn, Submarine - VPRO, 73’, Pays-Bas, 2010, s.-t anglais
15:00 orange 3 Fortress Europe
Andreas Rocksen, NRK, YLE, SVT et Nordisk Production, 45’, Norvège/Finlande/Suède, 2001, anglais
15:45 vert 2 La ville rêvée des Russes
Pierre-Olivier François et Pierre Bourgeois, Interscience film, 93’, France, 2009, français
16:00 orange 3 Child Brides in Ethiopia
Torill Svaar, Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK-TV, 50’, Norvège, 2001, s.-t. anglais
17:00 orange 3 La Maledizione
Montanaro Silvestro, Rai Uno, 52’, Italie, 2001, s.-t. français
17:15 vert 2 Vodka Factory
Jerzy Sladkowski, Hysteria Films, 89’, Suède/Pologne, 2010, s.-t anglais
18:00 orange 3 Intersting Times – Secret of my success
Duan Jinchuan, BBC, 60’, Grande-Bretagne, 2002, anglais
15.00   1 Russia –The Gas Pump of the World ?
The nightmare of the 1990's - culminating in the economic crisis of 1998 - seems a distant nightmare, while the Russian economy has grown by 7% between 2003-2008, propelled by natural gas and petrol exports.  But is a growth so dependent upon commodities sustainable? What is the relation between an  economy of extraction and governance?
Moderated by Jean-Philippe Rapp, INSMF Director
Featuring :
Philippe Rekacewicz,    Cartographer, Le Monde diplomatique
Ivan Blokov, Campaign Director, Greenpeace Russie
Patrick Gantes, Secretary General of the Centre de Recherches Entreprises et Société (CRES)
Robin Hessman, Filmmaker     
Cyril Tuschi, Filmmaker
16:30   1

The BRICS and Climate Change
The BRICS have adopted a critical stance towards a lecture-giving West which at the same time has been the greatest contributor to global warming.  However, the BRICS themselves have now become major sources of CO2 emissions as well, though they are also developing innovative environmental projects.  Are the BRICS a threat to, or part of the solution for climate change ?
Featuring :
Jean-Gabriel Duss, Chargé de programme, Changement Climatique, DDC
Yves Billy, Filmmaker
Jacques Marcovitch, Professor of management and international relations, the University of São Paulo
Alexander Likothal, President and CEO of Green Cross International
Ali Oumarou, Administrator of the Niamey Center for audiovisual training and production  (CIRTEF)
Robert Bishop, President of the ICES Foundation

19:00   1 An Evening in Honor of Russia : testimony, cinema, music

Screening of the film 'Khodorkovsky'
by Cyril Tuschi in the presence of the director , Lala Films, 111' Allemagne, 2011, anglais





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