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    Room Documentary film screenings
Competition rouge Panorama vert 26 years of INSMF Prize Winners orange
10:00 vert 2 Afrique du Sud: le rêve de Mandela ?
Un oeil sur la planète, France 2, 93’, France, 2010, français
12:00 vert 2 Citizen X
Arya Lalloo, Uhuru Productions, 60’,Afrique du Sud, 2010, anglais
13:00 vert 2 Permission to stay
Rehad Desai, Uhuru Productions, 25’, Afrique du Sud , 2011, anglais
13:00 orange 3 Five disasters waiting to happen
Stephen McQuillan et Sophie Todd, BBC, 59’, Grande-Bretagne, 2006, anglais
13:45 rouge 2 Thembi
Jo Menell, Stree Stories, 48’, Afrique du Sud, 2010, anglais
14:00 orange 3 Le fleuve Niger se meurt
Kandine Adama Aborak, CIRTEF, 7’, Niger, 2006, s.-t. français
14:45 rouge 2 Planète à vendre
Alexis Marant, ARTE France et Capa Presse TV, 52’, France, 2010, français
15:00 orange 3 Bombay Calling
Ben Addelman et Samir Mallal, Office National du Film du Canada, 72’, Canada, 2006, anglais
15:45 rouge 2 Mining for Change
Eric Miyeni, Black Chamelon Entertainment, 72’, Afrique du Sud, 2011, anglais
16:15 orange 3 The Living
Sergiy Bukovsky, Lystopad Fikm, 75’, Ukraine, 2008, anglais
17:00 rouge 2 Sea Point Days
Francois Verster, Undercurrent Film & Television et Luna Films, 93’, Afrique du Sud, 2009, anglais
17:30 orange 3 La crise alimentaire, une chance pour les paysans
Pierre Doumont , Canal C, 55’, Belgique, 2009, français
15.00   1

South Africa – The World’s Land of Reconciliation ?
Has the dream of Nelson Mandela and his South African supporters been achieved ? The country has become the political and economic leader of the African continent, but nearly half of its population lives below the poverty level, and blacks are overrepresented among the poor, the unemployed, and the victims of HIV/AIDS.  What are the successes and limits of the South African Reconciliation process? Might South Africa be a model for the world to follow?
Moderated by Jean-Philippe Rapp, INSMF Director
Featuring :
Neo Momodu, Service de la communication du gouvernement sud-africain
Rehad Desai,    Filmmaker and producer
Yannick Boillod, Vice-president of Imbewu
Jean-Chirstophe Servant, Journalist, Le Monde diplomatique

16:30   1

The BRICS and the Quest for Land and Resources
As they become rarer and the world population increases, commodities have become a key stake of the 21st century.  From precious metals to petrol to control of land, Africa is one of the most desired plays of the great powers, thus of the BRICS.  What are the political, economic, and social consequences of commodities trading? Are the BRICS countries following in the footsteps of the former colonialists, or are they developing more equal partnerships?
Moderated by Catherine Morand, Journalist, SWISSAID
Featuring :
Michel  Beuret, Journalist, RTS
Salima  Ghezali,  Journalist, La Nation              
Alexis Marant, Filmmaker
Peter Bieler, Chief of Food Security Section SDC
Obang Metho, Solidarity Movement for a new Ethiopia

19:00   1 Remise des prix
20:00   1 Great  talk show closing 27 years of INSMF





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