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Pèlerinage au fil du Gange
De Mario Giampaolo, Rosnay International, 52’, France 5, France, 2007, français
This documentary takes the viewer in the places the most sacred of India. The Gange, a mythical and secret river, gives its banks to the pilgrins the most fervent. The country is eminently religious and many worships mix together.
Trois familles en Inde
De Roland Cros, 52’18, France 5, France, 2007, français
India is confronted to deep transformations which shake up the traces of this millenary civilization. It’s in the privacy of ordinary people that you can see best these changes. In three different regions, three different social environments, three families open to us their door, picturing a portrait on today’s India.
Cachemire, Terre des Dieux
De Avita Lackenberger et Gerhard Mader, 48’, France 5, Autriche, 2003, français
Each summer between 120,000 and 160,000 pilgrims embark on a journey to Kashmir to visit the northernmost holy shrine of Hinduism: the cave of Amarnath. The cave contains an ice lingam, a phallic symbol and in Hinduism also a symbol of Shiva's creative power. In this region where Indian and Pakistani interests collide, the Amarnath Yatra has become a favorite target of terrorists.
Taccuino indiano
De Nene Grignaffini et Francesco Conversano, 50’, Rai Trade, Italie, 2006, italien, s.-t. anglais
Taccuino Indiano raconte l’histoire de Mumbai, surnommé Bollywood, la capitale et le symbole du cinéma indien. La visite de plusieurs plateaux du festival de la ville de Mumbai et des studios Natraj, un des plus vieux studios de Bollywood, illustrent la vitalité récemment présentée par l’industrie du film indien.
Towards a sustainable future: Auroville 36 years of research
De Basile Vignes, 52’, CSR Auroville /CFI Auroville, France, 2004, français
Taccuino Indiano tells about Mumbai, nicknamed Bollywood, the capital and symbol of Indian cinema. The visit to severals sets at Mumbai’s Film City and to Natraj Studios, one of Bollywood oldest studios, illustrate the vitality recently being shown by the Indian film industry.
L’esprit des livres
De Timothée Alazraki, Padminie Dufrêne et Adrien Roche, 26’, Avant Production, France, 2005, français
A ballad at the book fair of Calcutta: meeting between French authors and an event and his town not like others.
Sundarbans, les îles du silence
De Isabelle Millard, 56’, Injam Product
At the heart of the Gange delta, a few people venture in the island of silence. The forgotten of the archipelago of Sundarbans yet survive. With shrimps, rice and wild honey as whole resource, they face malaria, tuberculosis, hurricanes, wild beasts with indifference. Outraged by their miserable condition, one of them Mohamed Abdul Wohab, gave up everything to save these people left alone.
Rehana: a quest for freedom
De Gargi Sen et Priyanka Mukherjee,  39’, Under Construction, Inde, 2007, hindi, s.-t. anglais
Ayodhya gatha (tales from ayodhya)
De Vani Subramanian, 61’, Public Service Broadcasting Trust, Inde, 2007, anglais, s.-t. anglais
Ayodhya- the center, the symbol of communal/ sectarian divide has determined the fate of India for decades. But what has the conflict done to life in Ayodhya?
Future runs in India :Economy
De Ascania Baldasseroni, 30’, Devi Productions, Italie, 2006, italien, s.-t. anglais
Anand Mahindra, the deputy chairman of Mahindra, is one of the maharajaha of this new India. Worth almost four millions dollars, Mahindra & Mahindra is an industrial giant which produces passenger cars, tractors, jeeps and spare parts. Today it is one of the most important companies in India, a protagonist of the country’s modern-day economy.
Lost Illusions of the Last Maharao
De Elodie Lélu, 27’30’’, Diwali Productions, France, 2007, anglais, s.-t. français
In the heart of Kutch Vitum, Maharadja is lost between his past memories and his utopian ideas of the present. However, he sees his palace is falling apart, that the era of Maharadjas is definitely over.
School without walls
De Robert André, 86’, Mosaïque Films, France, 2005, anglais, s.-t. français
Through the exploration of the River Program and the philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamuti, the film takes us in the rural context of Andhra Pradesh and makes us discover the lifesytle of the locals, their traditions…
L’Histoire de l’Arbre Libre
De Anne Remiche-Martynow et Jacques Dochamps, 17’10’’, RTBF, Belgique, 2005, français
In India, the Neem or Marfevrier is a tree widespread among the whole country. It’s used like insecticide, medicine and disinfectant, but it’s also a sacred tree. Three women, whose Vandana Shiva, decided to challenge one of this patent. After 10 years of judicial fight, they won.
Gaston le Bienheureux – La véritable histoire de la cité de la joie
De Sophie Jeaneau, 45’43’’, Doc en stock, France, 2005, français
The city of joy, it’s the other name of Pilkana, a shanty town deprived of the indian sub continent. It’s also the name of a Hollywood movie. This documentary suggests to comme back on the real story of the city of joy. And to go to meet his hero: Gaston Grandjean.
Hello Bollywood
De Pablo Tourenc, Cyprien Nozières et Eli Monge, 26’, La famille digitale, France, 2007, anglais, s.-t. français
“Hello Bollywood”is a meeting with the Indian popular cinema. We discover recepies of this cinema and the reasons of this gap which exist between Bollywood and the West.
Breathing Without Air
De Kapilas Bhuyan, 23’, Under Construction, Inde, 2004, fiction, muet
The Mundapotas, as a nomadic group in South Orissa, survive by collecting honey, capturing animals which are a menace to the granaries. Another source of their livelihood is the rustic road show called Mundapota, which thrills as well as entertains the village audience. “Breathing without air” is the tale of a father-son duo living in this community.
Mere Desh Ki Dharti
De Sumit Khanna, 60’, Public Service Broadcasting Trust, Inde, 2006, s.-t. anglais
In our effort to achieve food security, have we compromised on food safety? The film investigates the impact of pesticides as it enters the food chain.



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2-6 october 2007
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