The Festival

In 1984, the International North South Media Festival was founded after the initiative of the Swiss French Television and the Graduate Institute of Development Studies. 

Through all these years, the Festival bent over the complexity of the world in its disparities, encouraging in rebalancing North and South in the domain of information and communication. The Festival actively participated for a better broadcasting of films about development through the whole world televisions.

Preoccupied by the future's stakes and North South disparities, the International North South Media Festival (INSMF) pursues its evolution. Following the trend of its previous editions "The End of Oil", "China's Development" and "Global Warming", it will undertake as its theme this year: INDIA, A FUTURE WORLD POWER from 2nd till 6th October 2007, in a magnificent 18th century industrial building situated in the heart of Geneva, the "Bâtiment des Forces Motrices".

Various themes and ideas will be followed and debated to achieve a better understanding of the topic: Broadcasted conferences and symposiums, Television and radio programs, an exhibition, special evenings.

As every year, there is an international film competition on the subject. 12 documentaries will be pre selected by a professional jury and projected to the public. The best film shall win the award "Grand Prix of Geneva" of CHF 10'000.-

A second prize adjudged by an ad hoc jury will award the "International Prize of the Media, Geneva" of CHF 10'000.- offered by the Foundation for Geneva for a major written journalistic contribution

Mornings are organized for schools to view film projections, interact in discussions and attend in the audience either a conference or a Television program.