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2009 will mark the 25 th edition of the International North South Media Forum (INSMF).

Since a quarter of a century, the Forum has been a space of reflection on the development of the planet and the major challenges of the future. It is now articulated around one theme addressed over a two years period, first in Geneva, then 12 months later in a region of the world concerned by the issue. This formula was inaugurated in 2007 and 2008 with the editions “India: Future World Power” (BFM, Geneva, October 2007) and “The Jaipur Forum” (Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India, November 2008).

The 2009-2010 editions will be dedicated to
“The Global Food Crisis : Causes, Effects and Solutions”.

The reflection to be held in Geneva in 2009 will be pursued in a country particularly marked by this issue (West Africa 2010).

Today 963 million people are hungry on this planet. Many are farmers, women and children. Poverty and the fluctuation of prices leave small producers helpless, and this pressure is accentuated by the consumption of biofuels and speculation. Climate change also threatens harvests. Poor soil management, polluted waters, excessive use of fertilisers are amongst many penalizing factors.

What is to be done? What are the perspectives and solutions of different actors: agro- food enterprises, states, international organisations, farmer and consumer organisations? Are hunger and poverty inevitable? Are inequalities still structured by North-South relations? What is the power and impact of new major actors such as China, India, Brazil?

The reflection INSMF will propose in 2009 is in the continuity of the preceding editions. “The End of Oil” (2004), “The Impact of China” (2005), “Climate Change” (2006), “India Future World Power” (2007), “The Jaipur Forum” (2008). These themes are all interrelated.

Documentary Films
As each year, a documentary competition is organized in order to distinguish the most pertinent production in relation to our theme. The Grand prix of Geneva, which amounts to 10.000 CHF, is awarded to the winning film.
In a second screening room, a special program not included in the competition will be proposed.

Swiss French Premiere of « Hans Erni : un peintre dans le siècle », a film by Raphaël Blanc with the collaboration of Jean-Philippe Rapp
The foundation for Geneva presents in Great Premiere a film on global governance.: “Le secret des dieux », by Philippe Souaille.

Written contribution
A second competition will distinguish the best written contribution to our problematic. The Prix Mirabaud is awarded to it.

Round tables
9 public and televised round tables will be proposed:
- Women, agriculture and hunger
- Climate change and hunger
- Agriculture, mirror of the world
- Which green revolutions ?
- The global agro-food market
- Biofuels
- The return of agricultural colonization?
- How to communicate against hunger
- From humanitarian government to the right to food

A didactic exhibition formed of several stations devoted to Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, will illustrate the situations of producers and consumers in these regions.
Reflecting the concept of the INSMF, this exhibition literally plunge the visitor into the chosen theme, proposing him or her a maximum of sequences, encounters, images and sounds in order to spur curiosity and contribute to a reflection beyond preconceptions.
There will also be a photographic exhibition by Jean Mohr pursues the various stages of evolution and the personalities encountered over the years at the Forum.
An anniversary also celebrated by the stunningly visual posters by Roger Pfund and Marie-Anne Camail Andrivet.

The Universal Networking Language (UNDL) Foundation proposes a symposium “The challenges of multilinguisme and nutrition today”

Micheline Calmy-Rey, Federal Councillor and Chief of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Crispim Moreira, National Secretary of Food and Nutritional Security of Brazil, Charles Vincent, Director of World Food Program (WFP) Office in Genevawill be the guests of honour of our official evening.
Several personalities of very high rank will also intervene during the Forum.



Jean- Philippe Rapp
Director of the Forum